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Watch 518 Eat, Spray, Linda free
Linda goes missing when Bob sends her out to give him time to work on her birthday surprise.
Watch 518 Eat, Spray,... free

518 Eat, Spray,...

Linda goes missing when Bob sends her out to give him time t...

Watch 519 Housetrap free

519 Housetrap

When a terrible storm strands the Belchers in Craggy Neck, t...

Watch 520 Hawk & ... free

520 Hawk & ...

When Bob and Louise meet Hawk, the star of their favorite mo...

Watch 521 The Oeder G... free

521 The Oeder G...

Faced with a rent increase, Bob and the other tenants on Oce...

A robbery at the bank across the street from Bob's Burgers goes awry and puts Bob in the middle of a hostage crisis.
When Tina develops a crush on the new martial arts instructor in town, she joins the class and ends up shirking her responsibilities at the restaurant. Bob finds out what's going on and decides to take matters into his own hands.
Bob becomes Teddy's workout buddy while Linda and the kids open an underground ice wrestling league.
When Linda buy a Christmas tree too early, the Belchers have to find a last-minute tree after it dies. On their shopping trip, they run into an angry candy cane truck driver who tries to intimidate them.
The kids explore an abandoned taffy factory to find treasure, but it happens to be on the day of the demolition. Bob and Linda must rescue the kids before it's too late.
Bob must do the unthinkable and compete against Hugo.
In the Season 4 premiere, the Belchers hit the road for a camping trip that has them communing with nature and overzealous squirrels, while riding raging river rapids and dealing with lost family members.
Bob becomes a substitute home economics teacher at Tina's school and creates a restaurant in the classroom.
Tina attends a convention celebrating a TV show about an animated pony, but a middle-aged superfan tricks her into giving away a rare bit of memorabilia, so it's up to Bob to go undercover and ride to the rescue to recover the valuable toy.
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