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Watch 518 Eat, Spray, Linda free
Linda goes missing when Bob sends her out to give him time to work on her birthday surprise.
Watch 518 Eat, Spray,... free

518 Eat, Spray,...

Linda goes missing when Bob sends her out to give him time t...

Watch 519 Housetrap free

519 Housetrap

When a terrible storm strands the Belchers in Craggy Neck, t...

Watch 520 Hawk & ... free

520 Hawk & ...

When Bob and Louise meet Hawk, the star of their favorite mo...

Watch 521 The Oeder G... free

521 The Oeder G...

Faced with a rent increase, Bob and the other tenants on Oce...

When the Belchers visit Linda's parents in Florida, they find the senior home where they live is full of swingers; Tina, Gene and Louise search for a legendary snake.
The kids dodge gym class with a bogus independent study; Bob adds a soft-serve ice-cream machine to the restaurant.
In the Season 4 premiere, the Belchers hit the road for a camping trip that has them communing with nature and overzealous squirrels, while riding raging river rapids and dealing with lost family members.
Although Tina isn't invited to her classmate Tammy's Bat Mitzvah, she ends up at the party because the Belchers have been hired to cater. In Tina's quest to meet boys from other schools, Tammy and Louise end up missing, leaving Tina th...
When Tina starts dating Josh, a ballet dancer, Jimmy Jr. becomes jealous and the two guys wind up in a dance-off for her heart.
Mold drives the Belchers to Mort's mortuary for the weekend. Louise tries to frighten Gene and babysitter Tina while Bob and Linda go out on a double date with Mort and an online mortician acquaintance.
Car trouble causes the Belchers to cancel their night out; the family hits a winning streak while competing on a TV game show.
Louise expects to get a charge out of taking down her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher when she re-creates one of the famous inventor's experiments that involved electrocuting an elephant.
Tina tracks the "Mad Pooper" running wild at the middle school.
When the Belchers go on a train trip, Gene, Louise and Tina are seated in a separate car; Linda and Bob indulge in a wine-tasting.
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